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Smothering the Scent

One evening I headed upstairs to put my kids to bed. As I walked into my youngest daughter’s room (who is seven), I was blasted with a pungent smell. She immediately started saying sorry and explained the reason for the odor.

She had opened a container of nail polish. She didn’t actually put any on, but the act of opening the jar had smelled up her room. In our house nail polish needs to be done in the bathroom, and usually with mom’s permission.

When she realized the intense odor, she came up with plan B. Plan B involved taking hand sanitizer, rubbing it all over her hands, and waving them around the room. When this only increased the aroma in her room, she went to plan C, call in re-enforcements (big sister).

When I entered the room, older sister is by an open window (in the middle of winter) and I had a hard time distinguishing what scent I smelled. The two of them were scurrying around the room trying to make the odor disappear. I was especially light-hearted about this incident after I realized no harm was done, no property was destroyed, and no one was injured.

This reminds me of our faith journey. We sometimes try so hard to cover up our sin to God. We act as if we can hide things from Him. Instead of humbly coming to God and confessing our sins, we cover over them, or at least try to, just like my daughter did (usually making the situation worse).

Jesus died so we don’t have to carry around sin and burden we were not meant to carry. Don’t hide your sin from God, take it to Him, and let Him wash you clean. Remember the sacrifice He made for us and live in the freedom He desires for you. “For freedom Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1)

2 thoughts on “Smothering the Scent”

  1. I have a 15 yr old I have been struggling with due to loss of faith and fire for God. She went to youth camps, was very involved with the youth pastor. He was fired in which tore her apart. We lost all the youth at our church making her the only girl there. They attempted to start another group with a female pastor and she met with them twice then stop. Bottom line I feel her loss of fire is due to being hurt. I can’t get her back goes to church because I make her on Sundays. Trying to visit other churches with larger or just even a youth group but no interest. I feel I have nothing left but prayers. Please advise.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I will start my note by letting you I’m not a counselor nor a pastor, just a woman who loves the Lord. Without knowing all the details my initial thoughts are, make sure your daughter understands that people will fail her, Pastors will leave, and friends will hurt her. That’s just the sad reality of being amongst sinful human beings. The only one that will not disappoint her is God. He is the only never changing, always reliable source. “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” (Proverbs 3:6) Keep pushing your daughter towards Christ and He will direct you. Never discount prayer. Keep praying.


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