Bruises for the Brave

As we headed out of town one weekend, we stopped along the way at an apple orchard. My kids very much enjoy the whole apple picking experience. They also don’t mind the apple cider donuts they serve at the orchard. As a family, we filled up an entire box with delicious, fresh apples.

When our weekend came to an end, we packed our bags and prepared to depart. My husband loaded up the luggage cart and as he pushed the cart into the elevator, the front wheels of the cart got stuck in the crack. The full box of apples flew forward and went plummeting to the ground scattering all over the elevator floor. Gross!

For a brief moment, frustration and disappointment consumed me. The recently picked fruit would now be covered in bruises. I quickly moved on from that thought and chose to make the best of the situation. I decided if the apples were badly tarnished, I would cut them up and make them into a pie. A little cinnamon and sugar can fix anything.

When we got home, I thoroughly cleaned the apples. Even with the bruised outside, the apples were delicious and nutritious.

This reminds me of our faith journey. We stumble and fall and have the emotional and physical bumps to prove it. My blemishes won’t look the same as yours, but we all have them. These imperfections don’t make us any less capable or loveable. In fact, these tender spots are a part of our uniqueness and give us the ability to better relate to others.

Don’t let the bruises from your past get you down. You are a child of God and He loves you unconditionally. Your distinctive marks make you special. Never forget, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14)

1 thought on “Bruises for the Brave”

  1. Thank you very much. I have really learnt a lot this afternoon. I ask for the grace to start praying for my family.


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