Redefining Productivity

If you spend even a few moments on social media you will discover pictures, posts, and articles about staying productive during this extended time at home. People are cleaning, organizing, purging, even my father is going through old pictures and boxes in the basement. 

While I commend those folks, not everyone is in the same boat. It dawned on me after the first week of homeschooling that we might not be in a position to tackle extra projects right now. I would love to clean out the garage or paint the laundry room but these projects are not in my near future. My expectations needed readjustment.

I decided my normal high achieving self needed an extended vacation, otherwise there was going to be lots of screaming and stressed out children. If my daily goal is to homeschool, make bread from scratch, clean the house, work part-time, separate fighting children, plant a garden and declutter the house, I would be sorely frustrated.  

My new objective is to remain calm and mentally healthy and make lasting memories with my kids. If I push aside my unrealistic desires there is room for creativity. 

I got off social media temporarily so I would stop comparing myself to what others were doing. God blessed me with three unique daughters. When I compare to others who have different gifts than me, I set myself up for failure.  

Even if my days look unproductive by the world’s standards, if my home is filled with love and joy isn’t that a win in God’s eyes?

Can we find delight in each day? Can we embrace the things we are good at and teach our kids those skills?  

I have declared that CoronaVirus mom is way more fun, spontaneous and flexible than non-CoronaVirus mom. Even amid illness and suffering, I see God’s goodness and blessings every day. We acknowledge the hardship but in the end, choose joy.   

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