Who Am I?

Greetings! I’m Katie Kennedy. Launching this blog is an exciting and uncomfortable journey I am stepping into. The Lord guided me through a significant spiritual transformation a few years ago in my mid-thirties. At the beginning of the transformation, I was in an unhealthy place; my insides filled with anxiety, lies, sin, and grief. The Lord slowly and gently helped me extract and release all the bad I was carrying around.  I was believing lies such as I needed to earn His love. 

When I emerged the other end of the transformation, He had rebuilt me. On the outside, I looked the same, with maybe a few more grey hairs. On the inside, I was washed clean and set free. He shed the lies and sadness from within and replaced it with His love and grace. God showed me who I really was. 

I uncovered a love of writing and felt the Lord calling me to share my story with others. I believe He called me to write down my story of transformation and share it with others in hopes it will encourage others to dive into a deeper relationship with God. I am not an English major nor a theologian.  I’m a wife and a mom who experienced first hand the power of our redeeming God.  I am practicing being obedient to the Lord even if it brings me into scary, uncomfortable places. 

The Lord freed me from the chains that were holding me back from the person He created. Are you being held back? If so, by what? If you don’t know, ask Him, He will show you.

I want everyone to experience the joy, peace, and love that only God can provide.

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